Dental Insurance in Sugar Land, TX

Dr. Donny Nguyen, DDS, PLLC accepts most dental insurance in Sugar Land, TX.

Our office located in Sugar Land accepts most types of dental plans and may even file your claims for you. This saves you time and lets you know what is estimated to be covered by your insurance before your procedure is completed. We may also present you with a number of flexible payment options for any remaining balance.

Dental Insurance FAQ

What is a covered benefit?

The treatment must be recommended by your dentist, listed on your policy's fee schedule, and included in the terms of your dental policy.

What are the different types of dental insurance?

•    Traditional insurance, also known as indemnity insurance, allows the policy holder to visit the dental office of their choice. This type of dental insurance will issue I.D. cards with the letters PPO on the card. PPO stands for preferred provider network. We found that over 90% of the patients with PPO on their card are not required to use providers in the network but can. Many or most private practices will accept this type dental insurance even though they are not listed on the network. There is no need to see if we are part of your network, let us check your insurance. This insurance normally pays the dentist in one or two ways, negotiated fee or usual and customary fee. This type of insurance seems to work the best.

•    A Dental Health Maintenance Organization, or DHMO, may not be like medical HMO. People will often try it because the monthly insurance premium typically cost a lot less. In essence, the dental clinic shares the risk with the insurance company. The insurance paid out is extremely limited and could cause rationing by the clinic. Long waits may be the rule and not the exception. A large portion of dentist and patients who try this insurance may switch back to the PPO type of insurance the very next year.